Friday, May 21, 2010

Second thoughts on the Megaman movie.

People liked my previous review for it. This is like a second thought on the movie.

From various other reviews and fans. I have heard people saying it's a good movie, because it's "Megaman". Well, I like Megaman also, but I don't like this movie. Much like I didn't like Legend of Chun Li or the Second Mortal Kombat movies.

I am not attacking people who like the movie. Nor am I attacking the movie itself. I just didn't like it. I don't hate the movie, though.

What I also see what annoys me are fans who go. "IT'S BETTER THAN WHAT HOLLYWOOD CAN MAKE!" I have seen animated video game movies such as Street Fighter and Fatal Fury. I thought those were pretty good for their time. Plus, me watching the old Street Fighter movie is a guilty pleasure.

I am not protecting Hollywood. I seen my share of bad vidoe game movies such as Double Dragon, the Second Mortal Kombat Movie and Super Mario Bros.

Yes, for an Independant film, it was good, but not "great", "best" or "excellent". It was pretty much average. Pretty much the acting and lines were the main problem for me. Pretty much a movie you'd watch on a weekend night or if you're bored and nothing is on.

Hollywood didn't make SyFy or Hallmark Channel movies, from what I belive.

I will still give this movie a C. Like I said. It's good for an Independant film, but alot could've been better. Such as the acting, the short battles and ending.

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