Monday, July 19, 2010

Some tastey swag!

Some Swag I recently obtainted. I am lucky enough to find a copy of Deatth at a Funeral, the 2007 version directed by Frank Oz at a Barns and Nobel book store. However, some ebay hunts of some old DVDs do come in small packages. Speaking of movies... Inception is an awesome movie. Wonderful and splendid. It's brilliant.

Anyway, Here is some swag I have in my paws...

Pictured here are DVDs of "City Hunter", "Diaster Zone: Volcano in New York" and "Bebe's Kids". Pictured also is "Sargent Serge", a Zhu Zhu Pet from the Kung Zhu Line. What is a Zhu Zhu Pet? Read the wikipedia I linked here.

Ol' Sarge came from CVS when I went to pick up some soda and a card.

Anyway, Lemme tell you about these items.

Enter Volcano in New York.

I like Diaster flicks. They are a weakness of mine. A guilty pleasure. Diaster Zone was pretty campy for a movie made in 2006. It was cheesy and had hokey moments. It also ripped barrowed the same ending Volcano had. Remember Volcano? That Tommy Lee Jones movie were a Subway guy jumped in lava to save a driver? Yeah.

Volcano in New York is one of those movies that is enjoyable if you're bored and there is nothing on the TV. It isn't good or anything, but like I said, it's enjoyable if you're bored. This movie aired on the Sci-Fi Channel and still does at times. I seen this movie back in 2006 one day and recorded it via DVR.

This movie also included one hilarious scene were a poor guy meets his fate by a wall of lava spewing out from his house.

You can view it here.

Poor guy. Poor dog.

Movin' on!

City Hunter, a movie that has Jackie Chan. I love Jackie Chan movies. I last heard about this movie when James Rolfe talked about the best scenes with Jackie Chan in them. He mentioned City Hunter. Which had a hilarious scene where Jackie portrays Street Fighter Characters. One including Chun Li.

View that scene here!

Last movie we have is Bebe's Kid's.

This is a movie I really enjoyed alot when I was younger. It isn't exactly a kid's movie. It's animated, yes, but it isn't for kids. This use to air on HBO alot and still airs on TV once in a blue moon. Last time I saw this movie? Last year on a channel I can't remember. A Guy named Robin takes three, unruly kids and a well bahvaed kid to a fun park. where the unruly kids run rampant through the whole place, cutting off a frog mascot's feet and generly causing mayhem and hell.

There was a video game based off the movie, but the video game sucks. The movie however is very fun and worth seeing. Extreamly rare as well, for it can net you a hefty $45.00 or more brand new.

Finnaly here is Sarge. A Kung Zhu. Not much.

I though he was rather cute. This legs? Etna the cat's legs.

I will get my review blog updated when I can. I been extramly busy. Bear in mind.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Like Dr. Jones... I discover...

Somethin' old. Something I had when I was a wee one.

This plastic glass dates back from 1984. I don't remember what store I got it from. I think either Walgreens, K-Mart or Venture. It was long time ago. Back in the 80's I was big on Transformers and the Go-Bots! I grew up, watching both shows. Even when Go-Bots reaired on USA's Cartoon Express and when Transformers re-aired on the Sci-Fi channel.

Anyway, when I was a kid, Go-Bots aired on Fox or KLJB as it was called in my area back in the 80's.

Back to the cup. I think I had other Go-bots cups also as a kid. I think I had a mug that had Leader-1 and Cop-Tur on it and a bowl that possibly had Leader-1, Scooter and Turbo on it. I don't remember them, well. They either got sold in a yard sale or broke.


I still have my one cup that had Baron Von Joy and Cy-Kill on it.

One side shows Professor Von Joy. He was on the Guardian's side. He was their "Mad Doctor" type or if you wanna be polite, The Go-bots version of Dr. Light. Were the Renagades had Dr. Go/Herr Fiend. He was the "Dr. Wily".

Here is the Professor Von Joy Side. I'd kill for one with Herr Fiend, he was one of my favourite Rengades next to Zero and Cop-Tur. He transformed into a car. I never seen him Transform in the cartoon. He was pretty much staying in their command center, inventing new objects for the Gaurdians. I do like how the professor is drawn on here. It's nicely done. By the way, yes those are my DVDs. I own a ton of DVDs.

Here is the Cy-Kill side. He transformed into a Motorcycle... thing. In the cartoon, he was the leader of the Renagades. He was hellbent on destorying the Gaurdians. Along side of him was Crasher and Cop-Tur. Good GOD, I hated Crasher. She use to haunt my dreams as a kid and she still does ot this day. Crash would stop on the ground and create lighting fissures. Her laugh... GOD DAMN TO FUCKIN' HELL! Her laugh was scary. She laughed at everything as well.

Then there was Cop-Tur, a badass dude who used his chopper blades as a katana. Sometimes, he would have it on spin mode. He was pretty awesome, though.

Cy-Kill's picture on here is nicely done as well; but I can't help that he looks like some sort of toy that you hook onto a pole and make it spin by pressing a button on him. He was still awesome in the show. He could throw off his shoulder wheels as a weapon. I can't help but to think his belly looks like a light socket. I guess when he trasnformed, it was where the motor went.

I do miss the days drinking Kool-Aid and various sodas from it when I was a kid. Those days are done. When I found this glass, I cleaned it out with Dawn soap and set it in my room. Maybe I'll use it as a pencil and pen holder or something.


War Machine has taken a liking to it. You can see A blue, Target Exclusive version of Ironman in the background.

Anyway. That's all. Have you ever discovered anything from the past?

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Ideas, stuff and bunches of grapes.

It seems like forever since I posted last. Bear in mind, folks. I been a busy guy.

Indy now has a Sidekick. A Kamikaze Pilot named Zero. Whilest I can post stories here, I feel like I'll make reviews for games, movies and such on a seprate Blog. Maybe use Zero as that review mascot, while Indy is more used here. I don't know. huge debating.

I have gotten a few new Sci-Fi B movies in my paws, so I anna review them when I can.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Second thoughts on the Megaman movie.

People liked my previous review for it. This is like a second thought on the movie.

From various other reviews and fans. I have heard people saying it's a good movie, because it's "Megaman". Well, I like Megaman also, but I don't like this movie. Much like I didn't like Legend of Chun Li or the Second Mortal Kombat movies.

I am not attacking people who like the movie. Nor am I attacking the movie itself. I just didn't like it. I don't hate the movie, though.

What I also see what annoys me are fans who go. "IT'S BETTER THAN WHAT HOLLYWOOD CAN MAKE!" I have seen animated video game movies such as Street Fighter and Fatal Fury. I thought those were pretty good for their time. Plus, me watching the old Street Fighter movie is a guilty pleasure.

I am not protecting Hollywood. I seen my share of bad vidoe game movies such as Double Dragon, the Second Mortal Kombat Movie and Super Mario Bros.

Yes, for an Independant film, it was good, but not "great", "best" or "excellent". It was pretty much average. Pretty much the acting and lines were the main problem for me. Pretty much a movie you'd watch on a weekend night or if you're bored and nothing is on.

Hollywood didn't make SyFy or Hallmark Channel movies, from what I belive.

I will still give this movie a C. Like I said. It's good for an Independant film, but alot could've been better. Such as the acting, the short battles and ending.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Megaman movie review.

You've seen video game movies before, haven't you? Such gems like Street Fighter, Double Dragon, Super Mario Bros. And even the Mortal Kombat Movies. However, there is a Megaman movie. It's not made by Hollywood. It's an independent film directed by Eddie Lebron.

You do have to give it some thought and a chance. It is an independent film, not a Hollywood movie. So is it good? Well, your mileage may vary on here.

The film starts off by showing a typical city, busy with cars, people and all that type of stuff. Anyway, cue Dr. Light. The creator of Megaman, known as Rock, Roll and the first six batch of robots from Megaman 1. We also have Dr. Wily. Yes, the actor who played Wily used a fake German Accent, which sounded like it was slipping at times. Same with his mustache. Though, he was an enjoyable character. I liked him. Dr. Light looked alright. Had the bread and all. His appearance sort of reminded me of the Dr. Light from the Ruby Spears cartoon. Roll was okay. Rock himself was okay. His roll seemed rather flat. It was rather amusing seeing him play Contra and loosing at it.

Now for the Robot Masters. We have three Robotmasters who look human and three who are in CGI. The CGI robots look cheesy and campy, much like you would see in a SyFy Channel movie.

The Human robots, Iceman, Elecman and Fireman. Well...

Fireman looks somewhat... okay. He looks like somewhat like a NASCAR driver who can ignite a flame head, in one shot of the movie. He didn't have his flame cannons, though. Iceman and Elecman both look like Scropion and Sub-Zero in their suits, along with a pair of goggles. Elecman's hair is well... all wild and untamed. I guess they went with the “frizzy hair” for him.

Now for the CGI robotmasters. They are cheesy and corny looking, but this is an Independent film. Cutman looks like something out of a nightmare; not as scary as Captain N's “Cutsmans”, though. No mouth. At least he's orange. Bombman needs to go on a Subway diet and Gutsman... well. He looked pretty good, despite he has a red nose and somewhat sounds like Bulkhead from Transformers animated.

So, Dr. Wily activates them and they go have “fun” in the city. Yeah, fun in the city. Or as Wily says...

“The shitty is yo playground!” In his faux pas accent.

So, we have the Robotmasters walk into the city. No one really notices or cares if three Cgi Robots and Three human played ones enter a city and cause mayhem. Everyone seems rather calm. I guess it's “New York”... Even the battle drones from Iron Man 2 posed a threat, than these guys.

So, all the Robotmasters wreck hell on the CGI cars and no one screams in terror. Enter Megaman who pretty much kicks their asses and they exit away.

Much later, Megaman battles the Robotmasters again. However, the battles are extremely short and not all that interesting. Again, independent film. Iceman and Elecman seemed pretty cool when they were going to battle Megaman. Iceman having a “Wreck-Gar” insanity case and Elecman being an asshole. Speaking of Elecman.

He was quickly disposed of with one hit from Protoman. BOOM HEADSHOT! Eh.. yeah. Anyways....

I will not spoil the rest. This is not a bad movie, for being an independent film. You have to give the director a break here. However, the acting could've been better. A lot of the lines generated from Rock himself felt dry and rather wooden. Roll was okay. Dr. Light was okay. Wily was tolerable, but enjoyable. I can possibly say Iceman and Elecman had a lot of character going on from them, despite getting disposed of easily.

In closing, I am gonna give this movie a report card score.

Grade: C

Sunday, February 21, 2010


Working on finishing Indy's Scar story. Expect it soon. Damn writer's block.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Some notes

I will add stories of Indy on here and possibly have "him" post entries of his life. That is all. Would you like to see in character posts of Indy?