Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Like Dr. Jones... I discover...

Somethin' old. Something I had when I was a wee one.

This plastic glass dates back from 1984. I don't remember what store I got it from. I think either Walgreens, K-Mart or Venture. It was long time ago. Back in the 80's I was big on Transformers and the Go-Bots! I grew up, watching both shows. Even when Go-Bots reaired on USA's Cartoon Express and when Transformers re-aired on the Sci-Fi channel.

Anyway, when I was a kid, Go-Bots aired on Fox or KLJB as it was called in my area back in the 80's.

Back to the cup. I think I had other Go-bots cups also as a kid. I think I had a mug that had Leader-1 and Cop-Tur on it and a bowl that possibly had Leader-1, Scooter and Turbo on it. I don't remember them, well. They either got sold in a yard sale or broke.


I still have my one cup that had Baron Von Joy and Cy-Kill on it.

One side shows Professor Von Joy. He was on the Guardian's side. He was their "Mad Doctor" type or if you wanna be polite, The Go-bots version of Dr. Light. Were the Renagades had Dr. Go/Herr Fiend. He was the "Dr. Wily".

Here is the Professor Von Joy Side. I'd kill for one with Herr Fiend, he was one of my favourite Rengades next to Zero and Cop-Tur. He transformed into a car. I never seen him Transform in the cartoon. He was pretty much staying in their command center, inventing new objects for the Gaurdians. I do like how the professor is drawn on here. It's nicely done. By the way, yes those are my DVDs. I own a ton of DVDs.

Here is the Cy-Kill side. He transformed into a Motorcycle... thing. In the cartoon, he was the leader of the Renagades. He was hellbent on destorying the Gaurdians. Along side of him was Crasher and Cop-Tur. Good GOD, I hated Crasher. She use to haunt my dreams as a kid and she still does ot this day. Crash would stop on the ground and create lighting fissures. Her laugh... GOD DAMN TO FUCKIN' HELL! Her laugh was scary. She laughed at everything as well.

Then there was Cop-Tur, a badass dude who used his chopper blades as a katana. Sometimes, he would have it on spin mode. He was pretty awesome, though.

Cy-Kill's picture on here is nicely done as well; but I can't help that he looks like some sort of toy that you hook onto a pole and make it spin by pressing a button on him. He was still awesome in the show. He could throw off his shoulder wheels as a weapon. I can't help but to think his belly looks like a light socket. I guess when he trasnformed, it was where the motor went.

I do miss the days drinking Kool-Aid and various sodas from it when I was a kid. Those days are done. When I found this glass, I cleaned it out with Dawn soap and set it in my room. Maybe I'll use it as a pencil and pen holder or something.


War Machine has taken a liking to it. You can see A blue, Target Exclusive version of Ironman in the background.

Anyway. That's all. Have you ever discovered anything from the past?


  1. I should!

    I wanan do Unboxing item posts as well. Which would be awesome.